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Neo Laser

Near To Net Shape

Thanks to Neo! Fast grinding in super hard material
  • Pre-laser cutting of tipped or full-surface inserts near to net shape
  • Clearance angle
  • Chip breaker
  • Marking with QR codes, batch no. and others
  • Laser cutting of clamping holes or geometry

Agathon Neo Laser

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Your logo & QR code with workpiece data?


Your benefits

Do you also spend too much time grinding inserts made of super hard material?

Our NEO ist faster than wire EDM with less edge zone damage!

Neo = increase in productivity throught laser pre-processing of super hard materials.

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The most important advantages at a glance

Neo offers you now
  1. Greater process stability when finish grinding on the peripheral grinding machine
  2. Shorter and constant grinding cycles
  3. Less grinding and dressing wheel wear
  4. Reduction of bottlenecks on the peripheral grinding machine
  5. Easy programming

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