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Get off to a flying start with Agathon

We are globally leading manufacturers of high-tech grinding and laser machinery as well as precision parts for machine, tool and mould making. Our excellent customer service and global network of representatives guarantee our customers worldwide technical support, training and advice for holistic solutions. There’s a reason our motto is «Strive for the best»

Our employees are the key to our success

Here at Agathon, everything revolves around our employees, and promoting the professional and personal potential of each individual is a matter close to our hearts.

Be it as an employer or training company, we offer an attractive working environment, an appreciative community and an open corporate culture.

Do you always strive for the best, too? Then you’re in the right place!

Our employees like working here

Our employees tell you what they like about Agathon as an employer.

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Our promise

At Agathon you can take the helm, participate actively by proposing solutions and advance your career – because we know your motivation and satisfaction hold the key to our collective success.

«Agathon is a modern employer that enables an efficient and future-proof way of working for all employees. Digitalisation is a cornerstone of our strategy.»
Michael Merkele
«The agile project method is highly motivational because we can always deliver results within a minimal timeframe.»
Frank Almer
«We have been accessing our machines remotely for many years now. Digital networking has made things that were once laborious much quicker and more straightforward. That’s what I call working efficiently.»
Simon Hugi
Leiter Teleservice
«I attach a lot of value to collaborative working. Thanks to Teams, we can converse quickly and easily via chat or in a call from anywhere in the world. We work on documents together in real time. To me, that’s modern working.»
David Wehrli
IT System Engineer
«We are a family company with flat hierarchies and short decision-making channels. This means every individual can make a difference and participate actively.»
Peter Schneiter
«We have designed a digital customer experience for mould-makers. It works like a good online shop, but is full of digital features. This platform goes a long way towards transporting us and our customers into the modern digitalised world.»
Chantal Glanzmann
Head of Internal Sales
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What makes us different

Agathon’s employees are the company’s most important asset – after all, their motivation and satisfaction are the key elements of a human, inspiring and dynamic working culture and a stable corporate identity.

At Agathon, we interact with one another according to clear principles of conduct. Flat hierarchies enable discussions to take place on an equal footing and facilitate respectful, appreciative communication.

Your opinion is important to us

Something equally important to us and, as such, a permanent fixture of our company’s culture is active participation and the voicing of ideas, opinions and proposed solutions. 

Your dedication counts

Here at Agathon, employees are given the chance to take the helm and advance their career – because the dedication of each individual counts and contributes to their personal development.

We take loyalty seriously

You don’t just ask for loyalty; it is fostered by being receptive and recognising hard work.

Modern workplaces

Agathon has invested a lot in pioneering manufacturing processes and modern, ergonomic and location-independent workplaces over the past few years.

We encourage open dialogue

With flat hierarchies, we enable discussions on an equal footing and facilitate respectful, appreciative communication. We foster a close and familial work atmosphere, and our employees address each other informally.

We invest in you

We invest in training and development, promote talent and offer diverse career opportunities. We offer apprentices an inspiring working environment where they can develop their individual skills to their full potential.

Do these principles appeal to you?

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Our values

Our corporate values form the foundation of our culture and our success. They serve as guidelines, steering our behaviour and influencing our decisions.

The foundation of our culture

People make the difference
Products and services can quickly be copied. It’s people that make the difference. To help our employees give it their all, we offer them a secure and positive working environment. 


I raise the bar
At Agathon, we take responsibility and come up with bold ideas. Together, we pursue our goals resolutely and always strive to innovate. Mutual trust forms part of Agathon’s bedrock, as do our ongoing training and personal development.


I want to know more
In our community we engage in active listening and value the opinions of others. We aspire towards progressive solutions, use diverse talents and promote continuous growth. This fosters a cooperative environment of innovation and recognition.


I show initiative
We are engaged in our work and bring constructive proposals for improvement to the table. We take the initiative to source the information we need to develop innovative solutions. Our actions are need- and goal-oriented, and we always aspire to look beyond the horizon.


I show respect
We recognise and acknowledge good performance and innovative ideas, and we express constructive feedback and communicate as equals. We represent Agathon and its interests with loyalty.


You can count on me
We are reliable when it comes to honouring deadlines, always turn up on time and keep our promises. Individual responsibility is a matter of course for us, and we support one another actively.

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Digital transformation

One thing we take special pride in is our digital transformation, which we are dedicated to actively driving forward. After all, at Agathon we work digitally – both in the office and at our production sites.
Over the past few years, we have invested a lot of energy, time, and resources in pioneering manufacturing processes and modern, ergonomic and remote workplaces. We are currently in the midst of the digital transformation and work with agile project methods the whole team can collaborate on. This arguably makes Agathon a pioneer in the somewhat conservative machinery industry and, in turn, an even more attractive employer.

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Get to know our digitalisation projects

Smart Glasses

Launching into the digital transformation at high speed
If you want to digitalise your company, you need a strong backbone: pressing ahead with any new technology requires a fast internet connection.

ICT Backbone

Mit Highspeed in die digitale Transformation
Wer seine Firma digitalisieren will, braucht ein starkes Rückgrat, ein Backbone. Erst durch eine schnelle Internetleitung kann man neue Technologien überhaupt vorantreiben.

Field Service CRM

Toolbox and tablet
Bye paper, hi tablet – thanks to the Field Service CRM, the entire Service division is now integrated into Agathon’s existing CRM.

Digital manufacturing for standard components

Smart factory, artificial intelligence, IoT, big data. Are these technologies relevant to Agathon when it comes to the digital transformation of production?

Agile project methods

Quick implementation of projects thanks to «Scrum» 
Product lifecycles are shorter and the requirements for products and projects can change any time. Agathon is responding to this by launching the agile project approach.

Work from anywhere / paperless

Two years - one milestone
All our employees in production can now also be reached digitally. This makes our communication even more efficient and seamless, which also strengthens our global collaboration.


Want to work on projects like that?

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What you stand to gain at Agathon

Agathon offers its employees countless advantages, including a pleasant working environment, personal development, financial security and everyday perks.

Modern working time models

Flexible hours, the option of working part-time, job-sharing and unpaid leave to promote work-life balance

Competitive pay

Performance-related salary with a strong emphasis on equal pay

Progressive working conditions

Modern workplaces, the option of working from home, cosy break room

Attractive location

Good accessibility with public transport and free parking

Health promotion

Ergonomic workplaces, free flu vaccinations,
perks at gyms

Social benefits

Solidly financed pension fund with attractive benefits, full coverage of daily sickness allowance insurance 

Individual support

Financial and time-related assistance for training and development


Subsidised catering options both on- and off-site

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We foster young talent

Promoting young talent is of the utmost importance at Agathon. Our investment in training and development and efforts to foster young talent are part and parcel of this.

Interested? See if we have an apprenticeship or internship for you


Agathon_Lehrbeginn 2023 Agathon_Lehrbeginn 2023 Agathon_Lehrbeginn 2023

Agathon is currently training 20 apprentices in six professions, thereby making a valuable contribution to the future of Switzerland as a business location. Our explicit objective is to keep apprentices on after their apprenticeships and to foster the skills and interests of each individual.

Agathon also offers attractive internships for high school graduates and college or university students. This enables young talent to gain valuable practical experience.

Interested? See if we have an apprenticeship or internship for you.


Join the Agathon team and apply now!

Want to make a difference and be part of our success story? Are you as competent, independent and open to new things as we are? Then we should get to know one another. We look forward to receiving your CV and learning more about you.

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Last, but not least:
Corporate Social Responsibility

As a responsible company, Agathon pledges to comply with the law, to uphold occupational health and safety and to act as a staunch advocate of equality.

Agathon endeavours to hand an intact environment on to subsequent generations. For this reason, the company pursues a careful use of resources and works continuously to improve its environmental performance.

It’s no coincidence that we installed our own solar energy system in 2023. But it doesn’t end there – we’re just getting started. 

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