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LiveStatus in detail

• The number of app users is theoretically unlimited
This means that responsibility for one or more machines can be better distributed. Backup solutions are easier to implement.

• You can work into the unmanned shift
This means that you can control the processes at any time during the unmanned shift.

• Push messages automatically notify you about important events
You don’t have to be on site all the time, you can concentrate on other tasks or enjoy your free time during the unmanned shift. Undesired machine downtimes are significantly reduced.

• Jobs that are in a critical state are immediately identified and addressed
This means that you have greater planning security and can further increase your meeting of deadlines.

• The app provides you with numerous detailed information, such as e.g. the remaining operating times of the individual jobs
This means that you can safely assign future jobs to the individual machines.

• The remaining operating times of the individual tools are also displayed
This means that you can plan the optimum time for an intervention. They can also adjust the process optimally to the condition of the tools. In this way, cycle time and tool wear can be optimally balanced.

• The process of the IC measurements is also visualized
This means that you enjoy the security of error-free running processes. And should a problem occur, you know immediately, can intervene immediately and lose no additional time.

Your benefits at a glance

• Safety
You know the status of the current grinding jobs including the remaining operating times

• Reliability
You are able to better plan job processing and further increase your meeting of deadlines

• Productivity
You optimize the utilization of your Agathon grinding machines

• Flexibility
You enjoy extended possibilities for action

• Efficiency
Collaboration is simplified thanks to the clear desktop cockpit

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