Evo Quinto – 5-axis grinding center for almost unlimited flexibility


Operation and programming

  • All Agathon grinding machines use the same tools and are identical in operation and programming
  • Low training for experienced and unexperienced Agathon users
  • Fast and secure programming


  • Agile SCARA automation
  • Two pallets in the work area for the separation of blank and finished parts
  • Space for up to 16 pallets for unique autonomy

Axes and drives

  • Swiveling range >280° on A-axis. This means incredible flexibility
  • Tangential grinding on both sides of the grinding rim
  • Compatible with all Agathon clamping systems
  • Larger swiveling range also on the C-axis compared to the Evo Penta

Control and Connectivity

  • State-of-the-art control technology
  • SmartConnectivity and data management
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Evo Quinto – unmatched advantages

Unbelievably flexible and productive


  • The possibilities of the developer are practically limited only by his imagination
  • Parts with complex geometries can be ground from three sides without reclamping on circumference, radius and with chipbreakers
  • Tangential grinding on both sides of the grinding rim. This allows two-sided grinding of chamfers without reclamping
  • No reclamping means high precision, productivity and autonomy
  • The C-axis also has a larger swiveling range compared to the Evo Penta
  • Larger parts up to an OD of 80 mm can be easily processed
  • High productivity through perfectly balanced, high mechanical stiffness
  • As with all Agathon grinding centers, a high-precision thickness measurement and a fast IC measuring probe are already integrated
Complete solution package in Agathon touch & feel
  • Compatible with all existing hardware and software options for the Evo platform
  • Compatible with all existing Agathon tools for grinding machines
  • Low training for first-time and experienced Agathon users
  • Users of third-party machines will experience the product change as easy and surprisingly positive
  • The Evo-Quinto can be used quickly in all its functionality
Programming is tailored to the operator
  • Even demanding applications can be programmed quickly and, above all, safely
  • High degrees of freedom in programming for experienced users
  • Efficient programming for less experienced users
  • Reduced effort in managing existing prgrams

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