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«Up to now, the production equipment limited the possibilities of the developer. In the future, these possibilities will be limited by his imagination», explains Agathon Sales and Service Manager Daniel Felber. The reason for that is the new Evo Quinto grinding machine. It is Agathon’s latest and pioneering invention. The outstanding feature is the freedom of movement of the fifth axis. To be more precise: the A-axis of the Evo Quinto swivels continuously between -51 and +236 degrees. This will empower the users to machine parts with more complex geometries, such as grooving inserts, in one clamping operation completely on three sides, on circumference, radius and with chip breakers. This includes tangential grinding on both sides of the rim, so that chamfers can be ground on both sides and without reclamping.

No reclamping means increased productivity and precision. It also means that valuable time is saved. The integrated and precise measurement of the workpiece thickness and the fast IC measuring probe also contribute to an acceleration of the machining process. The flexibility of the Evo Quinto is further supported by a larger swiveling range also on the C axis and by the possibility of machining larger workpieces with an outside diameter of up to 80 millimeters. The Evo Quinto is also impressive in terms of stiffness: «Our design engineers have achieved the perfect balance between unlimited flexibility and high rigidity», says Daniel Felber.

The Evo Quinto is based, as its name suggests, on the existing Evo platform. Future users will benefit from this in two ways. First, from day one, they will have access to a wide range of proven hardware and software options. The customer will not only receive an outstanding machine, but a complete solution package, which he can configure according to his specific needs. The second advantage is that the Evo Quinto, like all Agathon machines, will be easy to operate. Daniel Felber is convinced that «The system change will be simple and convenient for users who have previously used machines from other suppliers». The training will progress fast, so that both experienced and first-time Agathon users can quickly use the Evo Quinto throughout its full range of functions. This applies to the creation of slim and complex programs, particularly for demanding applications.

At the EMO 2019 Agathon presented a prototype of this world novelty. The next opportunity to experience the Evo Quinto live will be at the GrindTec in Augsburg from March 18th to 21st.


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