Agathon Care 360 – Service from One Pro to Another

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Agathon Care 360 – Overview
Agathon Care 360 is our new 360-degree service for customers with machines of the current series as well as the previous generation:
  • Current series: Neo | Evo Penta | Evo Combi | Dom Plus | Leo Peri
  • Previous generations: Dom Semi | 400 Series

Agathon Care includes service modules that can be subscribed individually or in combination of modules. A total of eight service modules are planned:

  • ProCare | Inspection agreements tailored to your specific needs
  • ExtendCare | Warranty extension
  • SupplyCare | Express and return service
  • RemoteCare | Extended remote support
  • EduCare | Trainings, Workshops, Webinars
  • AppliCare | Application support
  • RepairCare | Extended repair service
  • ReviseCare | Machine overhauls

ProCare, ExtendCare and SupplyCare are being launched at EMO 2019. The other modules will follow step-by-step.

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ProCare – Inspection agreements tailored to your specific needs

ProCare for your manufacturing floor

  • As part of regularly scheduled maintenance inspection an Agathon Service Engineer performs the following
  • The condition of the machine is thoroughly inspected
  • The individual machines undergo a functionality test
  • Machine reference settings confirmed
  • Grinding of anvil / pivot to determine the current geometry of the machine
  • Alignment tools are provided free of charge as needed
  • System back-up of the machine for system rebuild. This data is stored on the Agathon server

ProCare for the PowerGrind option

  • Annual full comprehensive performance inspection
  • A follow-up is provided approximately six months after
  • The inspection is performed by an qualified Agathon service engineer
  • The full inspection includes the replacement of worn parts as specified in the maintenance kit. A-C2341600 or A-C2341700
  • The follow-up inspection included the replacement of worn parts specified in the maintenance kit. A-C2473900

ProCare is available packaged with ExtendCare.

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ExtendCare – Warranty extension
  • Complimentary spare parts in the event of malfunction. The defective part must have been installed by an Agathon Service Engineer
  • DAP delivery of spare parts according to Incoterms 2010
  • Available in cost-effective annual subscriptions

ExtendCare is available packaged with ProCare.

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SupplyCare – Express and return service
Express service


  • For orders that arrive by 3:30 pm – Central European time – on weekdays spare parts ship the same day. This service is included for machines within the warranty period (including those covered by extended warranty)

Return service

  • You can return unused spare/wear parts in like-new condition and in original packaging with three months of delivery
  • Credit will be issued for 90% of the purchase price
  • Refurbished parts will be also be available for a reduced price

Additional services

Up to the introduction of all Agathon Care 360 service offerings, we also offer our proven customer services for machines of the current series and previous generations. 

Customer Care
  • Remote-Support
  • Customer service
  • Mechanical training
  • Electrical training
  • Application training
Application technology
  • Professional knowledge
  • Programming assistance
  • Process support / development
  • Grinding test
Further services
  • Spare parts service
  • Overhauls

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