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Record-breaking removal rate for superhard materials

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The market is increasingly demanding light materials such as aluminum and carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP), and the need for superhard cutting tools is increasing. Until now such tools have been difficult, expensive and time-intensive to manufacture. With the Neo, Agathon has added a laser processing machine to its portfolio that enables highly productive lasering of hard and brittle materials: with a removal rate that is about a hundred times higher compared to grinding! Furthermore, Neo is the best solution currently available for machining holes and concave features.

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The game changer
for holes in superhard materials

Neo is the best solution for producing holes and recesses in superhard materials. Holes for fastening elements are traditionally produced using die-sinking EDM. A process that not only takes a lot of time, but also requires custom, expensive tools. 

What Neo makes possible:

  • Hole geometries that are freely definable, including those with cylindrical walls
  • Clamping recesses that can be machined on both sides
  • Autonomous machining of a large number of workpieces
  • Efficient machining of carbide, CBN and PCD without tool wear
  • Good surface quality

Wide range of applications

The Neo can be used for a wide range of applications, from simple markings to the machining of high-precision recesses in carbide and super-hard materials.


Laser roughing of superhard materials 

Pre-processing the periphery, clearance angles and chip breakers on PCD and pCBN indexable inserts and other superhard materials.


Innovative concept

6-axis machine. Developed and optimized for laser processing.


Compact and reliable

Small footprint. Integrated particle vacuum and machine cooling. Designed for thermal stability.


Matching automation

The Neo uses the same tools, attachments and trays as the Agathon grinding machines. Space provided for two trays.


Convenient and ease of use

Same HMI as the Agathon grinding machines. The Neo can be set up and operated from different angles using the hand-held panel.


Ergonomic design

Convenient and safe side loading and unloading.


The complete machine

  • High autonomy due to automatic loading and unloading.
  • Compact and ergonomic design for best accessibility.
  • Convenient operating and set-up with horizontal, vertical or round tools.
  • Three mechanical axes and three optical axes.


"Introducing concave features to superhard materials has never been so fast, flexible and inexpensive."

Stephan Scholze, CTO Agathon


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the processing of superhard materials.

The innovative laser principle of the Neo

The processes developed on the Neo allow the production of holes with 

  • a defined cone angle, 
  • in particular a 0° cone angle (cylindrical) or even
  • a negative cone angle. 

Agathon has developed specific functions for producing concave features: 

  • LaserDrill:  for drilling cylindrical holes (without a cone angle)
  • LaserDimple:  for conical clamping recesses which are defined by the upper and lower diameter and depth 
  • LaserContour:  for producing holes and counterbores with freely selectable geometries. The geometry of the counterbore is described as a section using points and radii

     The most innovative process here is the LaserDrill, which has been registered for patent approval.


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Neo for pre-machining

The combined process makes this possible!

The combined process of lasering and grinding makes it all possible! Carbide tools, especially indexable inserts with superhard tips, are lasered near to the final dimension and finally processed on the grinding machine. Compared to grinding, the Neo has a removal rate that is about a hundred times higher when processing superhard materials.

The effective production time is reduced by up to 40% despite the additional process.



The benefits
Moderate investment costs for laser machining.
Ideal combination of tremendousmachining speed
and perfectsurface quality.
The combined process of laser machiningand grinding
is faster than other established processes.
The effective production time is reducedby up to
40% despite the additional process.
Neo is extremely compact, with a base area of around
2 m2 including the automation unit.
What Neo offers you
Higher process stability during finish grinding on
the peripheral grinding machine
Shorter and constant grinding cycles
Lower grinding and dressing wheel wear
Reduction of bottlenecks on the peripheral grinding machine
Easy programming

Customer experiences with the Neo Laser

A long-standing customer of Agathon tested the Neo Laser in Beta testing for a few months and has now integrated the Neo permanently into its production. The renowned multinational machining company talks about its experiences in an interview.

What benefits or improvements have you gained with the Neo?
What can you tell us about lasering screw holes?
Do you see further benefits for drilling holes on the Neo?
For which other workpieces or tasks do you use the Neo?
What experience have you gained in terms of operation?
How reliable do you consider the Neo to be?
In your opinion, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the Neo?

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Markus Haller

Area Sales Manager


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