Agathon Fine Centering - the new standard!

The Agathon Fine Centering for the individual centering of cavities and main separation planes guarantees very precise guidance and maximum load capacity already at centering start. The built-in cage positioning system allows to fully exit the preload during working process.



Brochure - Agathon  Mini Fine Centering

Brochure - Agathon Fine Centering Plus

Flyer - Agathon Centering for Mold construction

Flyer - Agathon Centering for Machine engineering

Novelty - Agathon Mini Fine Centering 7980/1
  • Simplified tool concept
  • Centering quick change mold inserts
  • Installation variants with and without bushing
  • Positioning of plates
  • Positioning of handling tools

Mini Fine Centering Application

  • Plate centering for precise guidance and maximum load capacity
  • Centering systems for mold tool dimensions of 100 mm to 1000 mm edge length
  • Use as individual centering of cavities
  • Centering of hybrid injection molds
  • Guiding ejection plates or plate guide for ventilation stroke
  • Tool centering on the injection molding machine
  • Tool upgrade (rework): Exchange of conventional guide blocks for round fine centering systems
High initial load capacity and precision
  • High initial load capacity at centering start
  • Cage retaining and positioning system
  • Long centering stroke
  • No backlash because the rolling elements are preloaded
  • No stick-slip
High design freedom
  • The centering units can be placed anywhere on the entire tool surface
  • Commonly used number of units is 2 to 4
  • The bushes can either be secured with clamps or clamped between the plates via the collar
Cleanroom compatible
  • Abrasion free due to rolling off rollers
  • Minimum amount of lubrication
  • Use for high temperature applications
Ease of use
  • Simple calculation scheme for size + number of required centering units
  • Free download of CAD data in all formats
  • Shape and location holes manufactured in one machining operation
  • Several dimensions ready for installation are available from stock
  • Customized solutions on request

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