Advanced 3D simulation

Advanced 3D simulation

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This is how secure and convenient offline programming of grinding programs works.

For years, Agathon customers have appreciated the opportunity of using interactive 3D machining simulation support for offline programming. Whether zoom, slow motion or visualization of the grinding contact zone, the simulation software offers users a wide range of functions that ensure that the subsequent grinding process is performed reliably.

For users who want even more comfort and efficiency, the advanced graphical simulation has been available since spring. It also supports all grinding machine models in the Agathon portfolio, but offers significant improvements in visualization. Among other things, it displays all relevant assemblies in the entire grinding area to scale, giving the user a concrete idea of the real working environment. In this way, the user can, for example, prevent collisions even better, so that process reliability is significantly increased and the order is processed as planned. Delays due to an imperfect grinding program are virtually eliminated with the advanced graphical simulation. The user can also hide the displayed assemblies individually by mouse click, if this serves to improve clarity in his view. Especially with complex parts, the advanced graphical simulation offers valuable support in the creation of grinding programs and the adherence to delivery dates.

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