Best quality punch tooling standard parts and guide elements for the machine, mold and device construction

High precision guiding systems

Agathon has been the world’s leading innovator for decades in the development and manufacture of high-precision machine elements, especially of backlash-free guiding systems. Our standard parts are used in mechanical engineering, mold construction and punching tools. The Agathon Fine Centering is available worldwide only from our company.

Our products, made in Switzerland, convince with the best material quality, high surface quality, tight tolerances and a long service life. Maximum productivity and efficiency are guaranteed.

Do you also want to profit from our expertise, from individual consulting for specific designs and excellent customer service?

Guide elements

The design according to ISO/DIN standards, with standardized location diameter and tolerances as well as centering aid on pillars and bushes, allow an easy installation and interchangeability. Consistent, reproducible quality and taper on quick-change pillars/retaining bushes – performed in highest precision – guarantee high efficiency. A fixed or movable cage retaining/positioning system allows the exit of roller guides out of the preload.

Slide guide bushes

  • With limited stroke speed for long strokes and high forces for pillar diameter 15-63 mm.
  • Bronze plated and self-lubricating bushes

Antifriction guides

  • For smooth, absolute backlash-free running (preload).
  • Ball cages: pillar diameter 3-63 mm, axial and rotational movements. In aluminum, brass and plastic. High speeds
  • Roller cages: pillar diameter 15-63 mm, axial movements. Rigidity, stroke frequency, load capacity depending on type of roller. In aluminum and brass
Centering systems

The new standard for guiding and centering in the punch and form tooling. The Agathon Fine Centering guarantees precise guidance and even maximum load capacity at centering start – with integrated cage retaining system for exiting the preload.


  • Deep drawing and fine blanking applications
  • Hybrid tools, rotary/translation tools
  • Plate centering
  • Production equipment


  • Compact, ready to install
  • Unlimited opening stroke
  • For low-speed applications
  • Free roll-off, no stick-slip
  • Centering reproducibility within micrometer range
  • High initial load capacity and rigidity

Precision die-sets of Agathon are characterized by high accuracy and material quality. Complete processing according to production suitable customer drawings. Depending on the application the die-sets are equipped with slide, ball or roller guide elements.

Standard die-sets


  • High damping and load capacity due to high-quality perlite cast iron
  • Design according to ISO/DIN/Agathon standards
  • Fine punching die-sets for fine blanking

Customer specific die-sets

  • With machining for the highest quality requirements
  • From stress-relieved steel and aluminum, in special alloy with 460-550 N/mm2 tensile strength and other materials (e.g. carbon fiber, etc.)
  • Standard die-sets made of cast iron with reworking, according to customer drawings
  • Dimensions for small up to medium-sized tools
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