The new Agathon Guiding System Plus – the perfect combination of high-precision guiding and centering


Two in one

Guiding and centering combined in one system – for even more flexibility and a longer lifespan.


Unmatched precision and durability

Highest precision due to preloaded profile rollers and a five to twelve times longer lifespan compared to conventional sliding guide systems.


Guaranteed zero backlash

Combined, preloaded and absolutely backlash-free rolling guide for minimum wear and precise closing of the tool halves without offset.


Highest flexibility

Flexible collar concept for adaptation to different plate thicknesses as well as simple and fast installation due to mold design standard – including free pillar selection from the Agathon pillar portfolio without pairing


More surface area

Fewer parts to be installed, thus more surface area for additional cavities and a massive increase in productivity


Low maintenance requirements

Minimum quantity lubrication sufficient, thus less production interruption for maintenance, lower risk of contamination and significant reduction of maintenance costs.

Standard parts for mold construction – precise and durable

Antifricition guide bushes
Backlash-free precision guide systems
  • Longer toollife
  • Abrasion-free, minimum amount of lubrication
  • Extension of the maintenance interval (regrinding)
  • Best quality materials, highest surface quality and tightest tolerances
  • Custom made solutions


Roller guide systems
Backlash-free precision guide systems for high loads
  • Longer toollife, increased efficiency and productivity
  • Consistent, reproducible high quality
  • High initial load capacity and rigidity


Agathon Guiding System Plus

Standardized main guide -
Guiding and centering all in one

  • Combination of guiding with centering
  • Productivity increase per clamping surface
  • Maximum flexibility and durability
  • Highest precision
  • Low maintenance
  • Five to twelve times longer lifespan


Agathon Fine Centering

The Agathon Fine Centering for the individual centering of cavities and main separation planes guarantees very precise guidance and maximum load capacity already at centering start. The built-in cage positioning system allows to fully exit the preload during working process. Find more details here.

Agathon Fine Centering Plus

Agathon Mini Fine Centering


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