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 Both in the office and in production - at Agathon, work is done digitally. In recent years, Agathon has invested heavily in forward-looking manufacturing processes and modern, ergonomic and location-independent workplaces.

This makes Agathon not only an exciting employer, but perhaps even a pioneer in the nevertheless rather conservative machine industry when it comes to the development of cutting-edge products, employee management and digitalization. Agathon AG is a globally active manufacturer of high-tech machines and standards. The technology behind it is highly precise, modern and forward-looking. In addition, Agathon is one of the larger employers in the canton of Solothurn. At its headquarters in Bellach and with subsidiaries in North America, China, Germany and India, the machine manufacturer with around 250 employees is always close to its customers and accompanies them with surprising innovations, competent support, sophisticated services and training. Agathon's motto: Strive for the Best. The goal: to bring the best products and services to the market for its customers worldwide. The key to success lies with the motivated, committed and competent employees. Those who work at Agathon experience a unique Agathon spirit, respectful cooperation, relaxed interaction and clear values and goals. With the digital transformation that Agathon initiated in 2020 and has driven forward with great strides in recent years, Agathon is a modern employer for employees that enables efficient and future-proof work.



Modern Workplace

With an end-to-end IT solution, Agathon creates a foundation on which employees can work collaboratively, efficiently and regardless of location. Those who like can also work from a rented co-working space in Zurich. At Agathon, they live the "New Work" approach: strict hierarchies become cross-functional collaboration and personal and professional development.With the RemoteCare support module, customers also benefit from digital services. The Agathon technician accesses the customer's machine from any location to provide support with technical questions and problems. Cell phones and intelligent multimedia glasses, so-called smart glasses, are used as aids.This allows the technician to gain a real insight into the machine and see the same thing as the customer - virtually from the Swiss headquarters directly to Beijing without interruption.


Digital Production

Working from a home office or a chic co-working space is not equally possible for everyone. Nevertheless, employees in production also benefit from digital production. To this end, Agathon launched the "Manufacturing 2025" project in 2019 - with the aim of achieving greater efficiency and flexibility while maintaining top product quality. In a first step, Agathon switched to column production in the area of standard parts and introduced new digital production processes. One production employee reports enthusiastically: "What I like best is that we now all work with laptops and tablets in production as well. Nothing gets lost anymore and we can quickly see in the team what the work statuses look like in real time."

Best Place to Work

Best Place to Work - that is Agathon's vision. At Agathon, you work in a high-tech company with a future that operates worldwide. And that includes much more than digital opportunities. What else makes Agathon attractive as an employer? "We are a family business with flat hierarchies and short decision-making paths. Every individual can make a difference and get involved," explains CFO Peter Schneiter. This also includes fair compensation and in particular: equal wages for women and men. 



Working at Agathon

You want to make a difference and be part of our success story? Are you competent, independent and open to new things like we are? Then we should get to know each other. Send us your application to bewerbungen@agathon.ch. We are looking forward to meeting you!



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