Agathon opens technology center in Shanghai

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Agathon wants to get even closer to their customers in China. That is why the Shanghai office is opening a technology center together with other leading European companies in the field of tool manufacturing on November 1st, 2022.


On a total of 800m2, Agathon Shanghai-ASH offers a center for training, testing and application research for its Chinese customers. This enables us to offer our local customers an even better service. The technology center is very centrally located and can be reached in only 40 minutes from HongQiao Airport Shanghai. In the showroom, which Agathon shares with Osterwalder Werkzeugmaschinen, customers can currently conduct grinding tests on the Evo Combi. The Evo Combi is Agathon's high-precision 4-axis grinding center for machining indexable inserts. It enables unmatched productivity and flexibility, as well as double-sided chamfering in a single setup.

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In this interview, Michelle Dong, General Manager of Agathon Trading Shanghai, provides an in-depth look at the new technology center, the AEC (Asean Engineering Center).

Michelle Dong, what can our customers experience at the AEC?

Customers and interested parties can test-grind their parts at our facility and see the tremendous benefits of Agathon technology. We can also offer training in collaboration with other suppliers in the value chain. Another idea is to support our customers during seasonal production peaks or even when they need additional capacity. We can make the Evo Combi available to potential customers who have not yet reached high volumes and cannot currently afford a new machine. With this service, our AEC machine could take over grinding and enable customers to deliver high-precision products.

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Which Agathon partners will present themselves in the new technology center?
  • Osterwalder AG
  • Turbo-Separator AG (Coolant system)
  • Blaser Swisslube (Coolant supply)
  • Bruker alicona (Measuring device)
Which machines are currently available for testing in the showroom?

The Agathon Evo Combi, an Osterwalder SP 320 and a Bruker alicona InfiniteFocus G5+ and EdgeMaster.

Which customers do you address and what are their needs?

We address all our existing and potential customers. Our new technology center, the AEC, will also be there to get to know our customers' needs better. Through exchange, we can find out which applications are in demand on the market and thus respond specifically to requests and offer solutions.

Are more machines planned for the future?

That depends on the market situation. We first want to find out which machines are in demand on the market and gain initial experience.

What benefits do you expect from the AEC?

Our strategic goal is to move closer to our customers. We want to establish ourselves as a trustworthy partner and make it clear to our customers why an investment in our machines pays off on the Chinese market.
And of course we also want to generate more interest among potential customers and encourage them to test our machines. I am convinced that as soon as they experience a live demonstration of Agathon machines, they will see the added value instead of just thinking about the price and hesitating to test top machines.

What does the technology center mean to Agathon Shanghai-ASH, and what is your personal statement?

For us, it is a logical step in our further development. We can expand our knowledge and expertise from the exchange with customers and respond specifically to needs in the market. Our employees are very happy to pass on their knowledge and build it up at the same time.


Have you already received customer inquiries or feedback?

Yes, some customers have already asked us to do tests. After all the feedback even before the opening, we are convinced that our AEC will be well attended.

When are you planning the opening?

November 1st 2022.

Who can customers contact if they want to come in for a grinding test?

Our engineers, our sales force, and all of our ASH employees who support AEC operations.


Do you have any further questions?
We will be happy to help you.

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