New highlights at the second Agathon Virtual GrindShow

Agathon Virtual GrindShow on 17 September 2020

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Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. This also applies to our format "Agathon Virtual GrindShow", which we first held in March due to the postponement of the GrindTec, and now, six months later, on 17 September again - naturally with new innovations. At the already second Agathon Virtual GrindShow, we were able to present our spectators with exciting news, which were of particular interest to current and future users of the Leo Peri and the Evo Penta - because the newly available hardware or software options for these two machines enable extended and even more flexible functions. With Care 360, we also presented a comprehensive range of services that is tailored to the entire life cycle of our machines.

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Two well proven and tested machines from our portfolio that are in use in many locations will be supplemented with exciting options that will give our customers even more flexibility: The newly available option "Chamfering for Leo Peri" (available from January 2021) and the already available "3D measuring probe for Evo Penta" set new standards. At the second Agathon Virtual GrindShow on 17 September 2020, the Agathon experts presented the two options to our interested participants online in two live demos and explained the range of functions in detail. Our team was also available to answer questions from participants in the Virtual GrindShow in the Live Chat.


Chamfering for Leo Peri: peripheral and chamfer grinding in one clamping

For the machining of inserts on the periphery, our high-precision and compact 4-axis grinding center Leo Peri is the first choice. The expansion with the option "Chamfering for Leo Peri" further enhances the potential of this machine. This means that highly productive chamfer grinding is now also possible without reclamping and with a capacity of four to six pallets simultaneously. The new option on Leo Peri is therefore the optimum solution for simple ISO inserts with a protective K-Land of more than 15°, both from an economic and logistical point of view. This is made possible by the optional extension of the C-axis swivel angle from the previous -45° to -75°.


3D measuring probe and extended syntax for Evo Penta - Programming complex geometries safely

Thanks to its generous traverse paths and swivel angles of ±140° on the C axis, the agile, high-precision 5-axis grinding center Evo Penta is ideally suited for grinding workpieces with complex geometries on both sides of the grinding wheel - both for standard and special designs, also known as specials. In addition to cycle time and process stability, fast set-up and easy programming are crucial for the latter. For tools with brazed-in hard cutting edges, we also offer the optional 3D measuring probe and the extended Agathon syntax. The big advantage here is that the brazed-in tips can be measured for each workpiece and their position determined. This data must now be mathematically adapted to the desired contour and corrected accordingly in the grinding program. The high speed of the 3D measuring probe, which can be mounted on two sides of the grinding spindle, and the good accessibility of Evo Penta also ensure that work can be carried out with minimal restrictions.


Care 360 - The right service for every phase of the Agathon machine life cycle

When it comes to services, we also score points with our customers, because the functional efficiency of our machines is not a question of age. Regardless of which phase of the life cycle an Agathon machine is in, our modular service world Care 360 offers the right solution. This enables us to take into account the technical condition of the system in different phases of the machine life cycle and and thus optimally tailors training, maintenance and repair services to each customer. Since the operating costs of a machine increase with its lifetime, our primary goal is to offer our customers a reliable and comprehensive solution to keep these costs as low as possible. During the Virtual GrindShow, our Head of After Sales explained which care product can and should be used in which phase of the product life cycle of a machine.


Sustainable top performance

Our top products stand for quality, precision and efficiency. For us, this also means guaranteeing our customers a high degree of flexibility, user-friendliness and durability of their machines. With the available options, the Care 360 modules, Evo Penta and Leo Peri meet exactly this requirement.

Did you miss the Virtual GrindShow or would you like to review the event again? You will find some impressions below. You can find selected cuts of our livestreams on the Agathon Youtube channel. Or would you like to learn more about the machines presented, their options or our Care 360 service modules? Contact us without obligation at sales@agathon.ch.

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