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Bellach, January 25, 2022 - The internationally renowned machine and standard parts manufacturer Agathon from Bellach has been a successful and leading Swiss representative of the industry based around Solothurn for 104 years. Innovation and continuous further development are given top priority at the leading-edge technology company, both in terms of high-quality products and efficient manufacturing processes. In the area of standard parts, the goal is currently being pursued to ensure shorter delivery times through more flexible production with greater output.

Agathon is a pioneering manufacturer in the standard parts sector and produces high-precision standardized elements for machine, tool and mold construction with around 250 employees. True to the company motto "Strive for the best", Agathon is constantly working to develop further. For this reason, the Bellach-based company has now launched the "Manufacturing 2025" project. Goals: Greater efficiency and flexibility, without compromising on the top quality of the products.

Process optimization through better use of production space and higher personnel availability

The focus is on optimization in the standard parts manufacturing process, for which Agathon is using the concept of island production. In the future, different products will be manufactured separately according to product groups in independent islands consisting of eight to ten machines. This new, functional arrangement of the machines will result in more efficient use of the production area, as manufacturing paths can be shortened considerably.

In addition, the degree of automation of the process is increased, resulting in a reduction in throughput times. Agathon's customers benefit enormously: more flexible and efficient production with greater output enables shorter delivery times. At the same time, the high quality of the top products is maintained.

First stage: terminal "guiding pillars standard"

This first stage, now achieved, concerns the "pillars standard" terminal, for which planning has been simplified, made more transparent and thus faster.

Important plus: the creation of a bright working environment for the employees of this group of islands. And in times of global pandemic and crisis, Agathon has invested in the future of the Bellach site to the tune of seven figures.


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Agathon – Strive for the best

Agathon is a global manufacturer of high-precision standard parts and high-tech machines with headquarters in Bellach (Switzerland). In the areas of guiding, centering and quick change, Agathon is known as a global technology leader for standard parts. With modern and forward-looking solutions in the areas of grinding and laser pre-machining of inserts, Agathon stands out worldwide with the most innovative and consistent machine portfolio in its segment. High-precision, productive and flexibly applicable machines as well as precisely fitting standard parts for machine, tool and mold construction have been inspiring customers from the tool manufacturing, automotive, medical and electrical engineering and communications technology sectors for over 100 years.


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